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March 20th is National Ravioli Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like Italian food because it's National Ravioli Day!  To sauce or not to sauce, that is the question!  Let's get right into celebrating National Ravioli Day!


So why celebrate this, right? Well, have any of you honestly never eaten ravioli before? I'm going to assume that most of us have eaten these little, stuffed shells, so that's why people want to celebrate them! I remember when I was younger we'd pop open a can of ravioli and go to town on it. Not the best option in my mind, but as a kid I didn't care!  The first time ravioli was ever mentioned, as far as we know, was in the 14th century. Francesco di Marco was the first person to write about ravioli in his personal letters. They're not so personal now; they're a part of pasta history!

Ravioli is pasta that has a filling that's seal between two thin layers of pasta. You can fill your ravioli with anything you want really! Some people like a meat filling, some like cheese, some like potato and some even like vegetables in their ravioli. You can eat ravioli plain or you can do what most people do and cover them in a nice pasta sauce.  These little bite-sized pasta treats are loved by many!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, let's get the easy option out of the way first. Yep, head on over to your favorite Italian restaurant and order up a dish full of ravioli. Be a little bold and order one with a filling that you haven't tried before and maybe even order some that's topped with a sauce other than the regular tomato sauce. I'm sure if it's on the menu then it has to be appealing to someone, so why not?  That's one way to kick back, relax and celebrate like royalty.

Or you could go to the grocery store and picked up some canned ravioli; you can even get it in microwavable containers. This is a simple option but, since most packaged products have preservative and have been sitting in the container for a while, they won't taste as good as freshly made ravioli.  But hey, some people still enjoy canned ravioli so it's always an option.  And of course you could always make your own from scratch! This will take a little more time but you'll truly control every aspect of the meal. You can decide how big you want your ravioli to be, what kind of filling you'll put inside them and what kind of sauce you pour over them. Have a little competition if you want to see who can come up with the best filling and sauce combination. Winner doesn't have to share their recipe ;).  This option allows you to create ravioli custom-fitted to your tongue and you'll end up with a good amount of pasta in the end.  So don't forget to share!  Have a great day and enjoy your pasta!

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