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November 24th is National Sardines Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you don't have a weak stomach because it's National Sardines Day!  Alright, I guess some of you actually enjoy these things!  But, let's get right into celebrating National Sardines Day!


Well, sardines are one of those things that are an acquired taste. They're cheaper, they are flavored in many ways and many people love them. But it's not really something you would think people would want to celebrate. In fact, most people walk right past sardines on the grocery shelf every day, without even knowing they are there. So maybe that's the reason for this holiday; people need to give these little fish a second chance.  Sardines are, of course, a bunch of different types of small, oily fish that are related to herrings. They are named after the island of Sardinia, because there use to be a ton of them in that area, but there isn't really a specific type of fish that is called a sardine. The United Kingdom's Sea Fish Industry Authority says that if certain types of fish are less than 6 inches in length, then it's a sardine. But if that same type of fish is longer than that, then it's called a pilchard? It's pretty confusing when there are like 21 different species of fish that can be called sardines, but hey... that just means it's easier for you to celebrate!

And when you do eat sardines, you're getting a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help out your heart and kick Alzheimer’s disease to the curb! Sardines even have a good amount of calcium, protein and vitamins D and B12. And compared to other fish, that humans eat, they have a lot less mercury in them... which is a pretty good thing!  Are you ready to open a can of these babies?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, some of you might already have a couple of cans of sardines waiting to be chomped upon... so get to it! Eat them straight, on a cracker or however else you enjoy consuming your sardines. And if you don't have any, then you better head to the store! There's a whole lot of different kinds of sardines waiting for you.  In fact, why don't you try some new flavors today? I mean, you already like them plain... so you might just love them with a little extra flavor! And if you don't really like sardines or you never tried them, then maybe you should give them a chance today. It won't kill you, in fact they're good for you, and at least you're giving them a chance, on their special day.

But for those of you that do enjoy sardines, why don't you explore different ways to consume them? You could add them to a soup, casserole or even eat them with some pasta or rice. Heck, put them on your pizza if you want, because anchovies just aren't good enough for you! And why not try out some pilchards to see if they are even that different than the smaller versions?  Have a great day and don't forget to brush your teeth!

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