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October 11th is National Sausage Pizza Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're ready to feast because it's National Sausage Pizza Day!  Break out that pizza slicer!  And let's get right into celebrating National Sausage Pizza Day!


Well, as I'm sure you know, pizza is a VERY popular food for many different people across the globe. And sure, you could have a general pizza day and probably make these people pretty happy but some people really love certain toppings. Not everyone likes their pizza the same way, but there are a TON of people who always get sausage on their pizza. And they are the type of people who are looking for an excuse to be able to eat it all day... well, now they have it!  We all know what a pizza is, right? You start out with a crust that could be pretty much any thickness and it might even be coated with garlic-infused oil. Then you slap on some sauce, usually tomato-based, and then sprinkle cheese all over it. And at this point a lot of people start going off in different directions; there really are a ton of different kinds of things you can put on a pizza! But of course, today you're going to want to slap that sausage on there at some point.

It's loved by many, but why? What is is about sausage that made companies start making "sausage lover's" pizzas? Sausage is made from ground pork or beef and then it's mixed with herbs, spices and a bit of salt. I mean, the name even came from the Old French word saussiche which came from the Latin word salsus, which means salted, so you don't want to forget that salt! But perhaps those extra ingredients are what set sausage apart from making a pizza with hamburger or pork chops on top of it. I mean, besides the fact that sausage has some interesting cuts of meat in it. ;)  Are you ready to feast yet?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, where do you like to order pizza from? I know first thing most people think about when a holiday comes to mind isn't a lot of extra work, so take it easy if you want. Call up your favorite pizza place and have them deliver a pizza right to your door! Get a sausage lover's pizza with extra sausage if you really want to celebrate. ;)  But, if you live in a big city, you know that the best pizza isn't delivered. Some of the best pizza comes from sit-down restaurants that specialize in making pizza. You know what I'm talking about; the places with slices so big that you have to eat them with a fork! So perhaps you'll want to venture out to one of these restaurants and order up an overdose of sausage on a pizza slice.  But even still, you could always make your own! I mean, only you really know how to make the perfect pizza for yourself, right? You know how you like the crust, how much sauce you like, how much cheese you like and you can go crazy with the sausage and any other ingredients you want to use. If you like stuffed crust pizza, then why don't you brown some sausage and stuff it in there with the cheese before you bake it? I've never heard of that being done before, but it sounds completely normal for National Sausage Pizza Day!  Have a great day and enjoy your meat!

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