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May 24th is National Scavenger Hunt Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then keep looking because it's National Scavenger Hunt Day!  Just make sure you find everything on your list!  Let's get right into celebrating National Scavenger Hunt Day!


Today is a holiday because scavenger hunts are awesome and a lot of fun to take part in but most of us only end up doing them when we're kids. And if we do end up taking part in one when we're older then it's like once every 5 or 10 years. So we needed a day set aside so that at least once a year we have an excuse to set up and take part in a scavenger hunt!  A scavenger hunt is when a few groups of people go around their town searching for things that are on a list, trying to check everything off and finish before anyone else does.

You're usually asked to find specific things, take pictures of them or perform wacky tasks in order to complete the hunt. It will take a good amount of time as you're racing all over your town with a car full of people, but it's an experience you won't soon forget.  And it appears that Elsa Maxwell may have actually invented to whole idea for scavenger hunts back in the 1930s for parties. So don't forget to invite grandma! You can have it be a strictly indoor or outdoor hunt and you could even have it confined to one area, like a mall, if you want. It's all about being creative and getting people to find those are to find items and do crazy tasks.  Are you ready to start the hunt?


So, how can you celebrate?  Well, first you're going to want to set up a list of things that people have to find or do in order to complete the hunt. Think of some random things that aren't that easy to find and maybe give a few hints as to how to find them. They can either buy them or take a picture of them. And then you can also include crazy things you can have them do. Make it something where they have to write down a specific answer that only someone who completed the task could really answer, or have them take a pic of them doing it.

Once you have a nice sized list of things then you need to get a group of people rounded up. So invite a bunch of friends or family and tell them to take the day off to go on a hunt with you. In reality, depending on what you have people do, you could post the scavenger hunt guidelines online and have your online friends take part too. It'd be funny to see the results of different people from all over the world.  And lastly you'll want to decide what the winner gets. The first group of people to finish could win something like a pizza party, paid for by all the losers. Or movie tickets for a movie that's playing, so they can all go watch it after the scavenger hunt... paid for by the losers, of course ;). It could really be anything, but make it a fun prize so that, at least for the winners, the fun doesn't end when the scavenger hunt does!  Enjoy your day and I hope you find everything first!

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