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January 2nd is National Science Fiction Day

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If you're looking for something to do today, then prepare to get geeky because it's National Science Fiction Day!  You may not have heard of this holiday before but it's a holiday because a very influential, science fiction writer was born on this day.  Let's get right into celebrating National Science Fiction Day!


It appears that this day was picked because the Russian, science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, was supposedly born on this day in 1920. I say supposedly because they're not exactly sure of the birthday since there are no records, but this is the day that Asimov would celebrate so it stuck.  Why celebrate his birthday in this way? Well, he wrote what was coined one of "the most famous science-fiction stories of all time". This story was called Nightfall and was published in 1941.  He then went on to write a series of "Foundation" stories and a bunch of stories for his Robot Series. He was so influential in this genre that you'll notice hints of his ideas show up in more modern movies like I, Robot and The Bicentennial Man. And, in my opinion, both of those movies are pretty dang good!

Even if you didn't like those movies yourself, you can't deny how big the science fiction genre has become. There are a bunch of sci-fi movies that hit the theatres every year and are instant classics.  Some of my favorite movies are in this genre like The Matrix or Donnie Darko and I'm sure some of your favorites are in this genre too.  So Isaac did a lot for science fiction and it seems only right to celebrate this genre on the day he celebrated his birthday.


So how can you celebrate this day?  Well, you could pay tribute to Isaac Asimov and pick up one of his books and start reading it today. Or you could check out one of the film adaptations of Nightfall if you like.  If that doesn't interest you, you could head to your local movie theatre and see if any new science fiction movies are playing or check Blockbuster and Netflix for some highly-rated movies from this genre.  You could even go all out and dress up as one of your favorite science fiction characters and lose yourself in a world of make believe for a day.
Or if you're a true geek, why not look back at some of the science fiction movies of the past and see if anything has actually become a reality. It's funny to look back at how people use to think things would be today, but sometimes they make some pretty accurate predictions.  Why not make your own crazy science fiction predictions for the day? Put them in a safe spot and check them 10 or so years later on this day and see if any of your ideas actually came to life.  I'd tell you to conduct your own science experiments, but where's the fiction in that? ;)  Whatever you decide to do today, I'm sure you'll make Isaac Asimov proud. Have fun!

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