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May 16th is National Sea Monkeys Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like instant pets because it's National Sea Monkeys Day!  Three packets of powder added to some water and you've got some pets!  Let's get right into celebrating National Sea Monkeys Day!


Today is a holiday because sea monkeys have been such popular pets since day one. Maybe it's because of the "instant" quality of them springing to life in the water or maybe because it's so easy to take care of them. Heck, it might even be because of the cartoon depictions of the sea monkeys, but if that's the case I'm sure many children were let down. Either way, they've become quite a novelty and people want to celebrate these little creatures.  It all began back in 1957 when Harold von Braunhut marketed these brine shrimp as "Instant Life". Yes, they are brine shrimp... not monkeys! I know, sucks huh?  But they aren't just any brine shrimp; they're bred to be bigger and live longer than regular brine shrimp. But Bruanhut was some kind of marketing genius because he's also the guy who brought us X-Ray glasses and we all know how well those things really work.  But hey, at least these little shrimp actually do come to life like they're supposed to! And in 1962 the name was officially switched to "Sea Monkeys", which is around the time the exaggerated cartoon depictions of them started popping up. You can thank Joe Orlando for those over the top advertisements. These things sell well and people are happy once they see them wiggling around, hence the reason copy cats (or monkeys) popped up! But in 1972 they actually patented their special brine shrimp and the sea monkeys you get today are way more advanced than they use to be.  So what do you say you skip the ant farm and bring some sea monkeys to life instead?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you're always welcome to read up on how these little monkeys spring to life when added to water. It's pretty interesting for something in a packet to be able to start moving around whenever you decide to add some water to it. But if that's not that interesting to you, in terms of celebration, then you can always get your own sea monkey kit!  They're really cheap and there are a couple different kits you can choose from. And then it's just a 3 step process to bringing your sea monkeys to life. First off you'll have to fill up your little aquarium and then mix in the first packet to help purify the water. You let this sit overnight with the lid off so that the water is nice and fresh for the sea monkey eggs.  Then the next day you add in the sea monkey eggs, give them a stir and then pop the lid on. And this is where the fun begins because I guess they spring to life pretty quickly! You want to stir the water for the first 4 days to keep it nice and oxygenated for your baby monkeys.  And then on the 5th day after you put the eggs in you start feeding them. All you need is a tiny bit and you hit them with another shot of food every other day. But if the water is cloudy you'll want hold off on feeding them because they're not eating fast enough. How do I know all this? Because I just bought a sea monkey kit for myself!  Have a great day and I hope your sea monkeys are doing well!

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