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January 6th is National Shortbread Day

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If you need something to do today then hang onto your sweet tooth because it's National Shortbread Day!  You don't really need a reason to want to celebrate a holiday like this.  Let's get right into celebrating National Shortbread Day!


While there isn't exactly a reason for this day to be chosen, these cookies have been around for a very long time and for good reason; they're tasty! I honestly didn't think that I had eaten these cookies before but once I had one I recognized the taste immediately.  Shortbread is a Scottish dessert that's actually been around since the 12th century, although it was actually accredited to the Queen of Scots in the 16th century. Royalty, always stealing the glory!

It is made from flour, sugar and butter; pretty simple huh? This makes for a crumbly but yet high fat cookie. You might be tempted to add more butter or water to the dough, but don't; it'll stick together with a little work.  Shortbread is usually cooked as a large round cookie and then divided into triangular wedges or it's made into individual round cookies or baked into thick "finger-like" biscuits. Personally I stick with the basic individual cookies.  It doesn't matter how these cookies are made, they are a tasty treat that deserves to be celebrated!


So how are you going to celebrate?  Well you can buy a package of cookies and munch them down with friends and family if you like. There are a handful of companies that sell these buttery treats like Walkers, Lorna Doone, Stockmeyer, Royal Edinburgh and so on.  So it shouldn't hard for you to find a good amount of ready-made shortbread so that you can have your own little cookie party today... and don't forget the milk!  But maybe you're handy in the kitchen and want to try to make a batch yourself. I don't blame you at all; homemade cookies are the best!  Search your cookbooks or online to find the perfect recipe, or heck recipeS, to try out today. People get really creative with shortbread since it's such a simple cookie, so you'll find a wide variety of ingredients added to these recipes.

I've seen people add nuts, fruits, jams, caramel, chocolate, cheese and even onion! This would be a great cookie to experiment with different flavors so get creative.  Feel free to have a friendly competition with your friends or family to see who can make the best shortbread cookies.  You can all start out with the same basic shortbread dough and then take turns adding your toppings.  You can even a little something extra to your dough or make your own glaze or icing to really add some finishing touches to the cookie.  What would the winner get?  Well, they wouldn't have to do the dishes of course ;).  This we be a great way to add some fun to a random day in January while you celebrate, and eat, a tasty, traditional treat called shortbread.  Either way you choose to enjoy the goodness of shortbread, I hope it's a great day for you!

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