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August 23rd is National Sponge Cake Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for something sweet and fluffy to pass over your tongue because it's National Sponge Cake Day!  Mom said it's OK to eat this sponge!  So let's get right into celebrating National Sponge Cake Day!


Well, you probably already know why this is a holiday but you're looking for some magical reason why today was chosen, right? And while there is no special reason for this day to be chosen as National Sponge Cake Day, people love eating this stuff! It comes in a wide variety of flavors so it appeals to many different taste buds across the world so it's only right that it gets a special day set aside just for munching on it.  And these cakes have been around for quite some time! In fact, the first recorded mention of a sponge cake recipe was way back in 1615. The recipe was in a book called The English Huswife, Containing the Inward and Outward Virtues Which Ought to Be in a Complete Woman by Gervase Markham. They might not have believed in short titles back then but they sure as heck believed in the sponge cake! But what exactly is a sponge cake?  Well, you'll have to take some sugar and eggs and beat the crap out of them until they are light and creamy. And then some people like to add in things like flour and baking powder to give it some extra lift, but you can opt to just let the air in the egg mixture do its thing. And if you really want some lift in your cake then whip up the egg whites on their own first so that you have some nice cream action going on. Then just add in some flavorful ingredients, bake it and you're good to go! Just don't take it out before it's done or your cake might deflate.  Are you ready to take a stab at making a sponge cake?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I'm willing to bet that you can go to one of your local bakeries or grocery stores and pick up a sponge cake of some sort that's ready and waiting for you to eat. Go ahead and check, I'll wait... And even some restaurants will have sponge cake on their dessert menu. So it's not going to be that hard for you to locate a sponge cake, even if you don't feel like making one yourself.  I mean, if you can't find one in the bakery section then head to the snack aisle because there are a lot of individually wrapped sponge cakes out there. But of course these sponge cakes won't taste quite as good since they have a bunch of extra ingredients in them, so they will last longer on the shelves. So why don't you just get some eggs, sugar, maybe some flour and baking powder and then whatever you want to use to flavor your sponge cake?  I mean, the options are limitless and it doesn't take that long to make one. First off you have TONS of different extracts you can use in your cake batter. You don't have to opt for the basic rum or vanilla extracts like everyone else does; step outside of the norm and grab some coconut, pineapple, chocolate or banana extract instead. You can even add in some nuts if you want and if you make a sheet cake you can roll it up while it's still warm. Why would you want to roll it up? Because you can make your own Swiss roll after coating it with a layer of any kind of frosting or jelly you want! Sounds good, doesn't it?  Have a great day and enjoy your cake!

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