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September 28th is National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then don't worry, we've got dessert covered for you!  That's right, it's National Strawberry Cream Pie Day!  Let's get right into celebrating so you can get some of this pie in your face!


Well, people just can't get enough of their sweets for one! Pie is known to be quite a sugary creation and it's a bit addictive, so people are eating it often. But when it comes to a strawberry cream pie you have the combination of sweetness from the strawberries and fat from the cream and that kind of combination produces hormones in our brains that make us want to do a backflip! Wait... did I just say this is a holiday because people are addicted to this pie? Hmm, I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem but this isn't a problem... or am I in denial?  Either way, you need to start out with some basic things if you want to make a strawberry cream pie. The first thing you're going to need is some kind of crust, otherwise it's not really a pie! So you could use pie dough, crushed cookies, nuts or anything else you think would make a good crust. But then you're going to need some kind of cream.

You could use cream cheese, whipped cream, cream of coconut or start out with some heavy whipping cream. You just want some kind of thick and rich filling for your pie. And then you move onto the strawberries. Are you going to go with fresh, frozen, dried or a canned strawberry pie filling? You've got a lot of options but all ways lead to the creation of your strawberry cream pie!  Get to it!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, do you want the easy out? Then why don't you scan the selection at all the bakeries in your area and see if any of them have a strawberry cream pie. As you've seen, they can be created in many different ways so keep your eyes peeled! But don't be tempted by the strawberry cheesecake because that's a cake!  And if you can't find one that is already made for you then why don't you just head to the grocery store and start picking up some supplies? Making this pie doesn't have to be difficult at all! There are pie crusts that are already made for you, pie fillings that you just pour in and all you really have to do with the cream is whip it up!

But feel free to get creative! What do you think would happen if you rolled out some cookie dough, put it in your pie tin, baked it and used that as your crust? And what if took your favorite ice cream, blended in some strawberries, spread it on your pie crust and then froze it? Then what would happen if you poured a layer of chocolate over top of that and froze it again? Man... someone's going to start to think you're addicted to making amazing pies!  Have a great day and enjoy your pie, free of guilt!

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