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August 16th is National Tell a Joke Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for some knee slappers because it's National Tell a Joke Day!  Get ready for some laughter!  And let's get right into celebrating National Tell a Joke Day!  


Well, it appears that a very funny man died on this day way back in 1738. That man was Joe Miller, an English comic/actor, and it became a tradition to tell a joke on this day to pay tribute to him. In fact, today is often called Joe Miller's Joke Day. And who couldn't use some laughter, even if it is on someone's death day? So today you have no excuse not to break out some of your best jokes and get peoples' sides hurting!  A year after Joe Miller's death, a book of jokes was compiled called Joe Miller's Jests, which contained quite of few of his jokes and many jokes from other people too. So yes, it wasn't all his jests and the funny thing was he was illiterate so he wouldn't have been able to read "his own" book! There were many editions of the book and it ended up having well over 1,000 jokes. And after a while, if you used the same joke over and over it became known as a "Joe Miller".

But Joe definitely isn't the only funny man or woman out there! So many people have been telling jokes for years so there is plenty of material to use today that wouldn't be considered a "Joe Miller". Some jokes come out without you even trying and suddenly YOU'RE a comedian! So make today a funny one.  Because you're hilarious!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, that's easy! Just think up some of the funniest jokes you've ever heard and, when the time is right, unleash them on the people around you. You'll know you're doing something right if swarms of laughing people seem to follow you around all day. See how long you can go without saying a joke that someone has already heard or maybe even break out your own jokes!

If you're a naturally funny person that doesn't like telling someone else's jokes then maybe you really can entertain a whole crowd. You know that means, don't you? Get up on stage at a comedy club! Find a place that will give you some time to test out your jokes and see how many people you can get laughing. Who knows, you might have a future in comedy.  But if you find that you're lacking on the jokes and really don't have anything to tell anyone then why don't you do a little research first? Get some stand up comedy DVDs or joke books and remember all the good ones that have you cracking up. Practice your delivery and make sure you remember it correctly and then go unleash some happiness! It sure beats telling knock, knock or chicken crossing the road jokes, doesn't it?  Have a great day and enjoy the laughter!

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