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August 31st is National Trail Mix Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then start mixing up your favorite dry goods because it's National Trail Mix Day!  Who can turn down a good, grab bag of deliciousness?  Let's get right into celebrating National Trail Mix Day!


Well, trail mix isn't much different than any other food holiday when it comes to the reason behind the celebration. Trail mix pops up everywhere, regardless of if you plan on hiking or not. And it's actually pretty dang good if you get something outside of the normal raisin, peanut and chocolate mix. It's quite common, it's quite handy and enough people like it for it to earn its own special day. Can you guess what day that is?  This lovely blend of snacks probably has European origins since it's popped up in plenty of different countries over there under various names since the 17th century. Obviously the name gives away what a lot of people use it for and it's actually quite handy on the trail. It gives you a good boost of energy, it's easy to carry and you don't have to worry about it going bad. Fruit, nuts and grains are probably the most common ingredients but you can make it a well-balanced snack if you feel the need.

But it might be handy to know what to call trail mix in other countries, just in case you want to stock up on some treats while on vacation. If you want some trail mix in New Zealand you'll want to ask for some schmogle or scroggin. Sounds pretty weird, huh? In Denmark it's called studenterhavre or student oats. In the Netherlands it's called studentenhaver or... I don't know, but it looks close to student oats. In Poland it's called mieszanka studencka or students' mix. In Germany it's called Studentenfutter or student feed. And in Lithuania it's called studentų maistas or students' food.   That should get you started for a few places at least!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's pretty dang simple actually. All you have to do is head to your grocery store and pick some up... but let's not be too boring! Try to find a good blend of treats that you've never had before and step outside of the norm. There's a blend of trail mix out there that will please everyone's taste buds.  Don't believe me? Well, then why don't you prove me right and make your own trail mix? Mhmm, you know what you like so get to it! Pick out your favorite dried fruit, nuts, pretzels or crackers and maybe even add in a little sweetness of candy. But don't be afraid to toss in things like beef jerky, dried vegetables or yogurt treats; no one's going to tell you that you can't!  And if you really want to put your trail mix to use today then plan on hitting up a lengthy trail! Stock up on your trail mix, or make your own, and then map out where you want to go with your friends. But DO NOT FORGET to bring some water along because that trail mix is going to dry out your mouth! Then just enjoy your hike, take in the scenery and anytime you need a boost of energy you know you've got that covered.  Have a great day and enjoy your mix of magical flavors!

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