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May 2nd is National Truffles Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then you've got a couple choices because it's National Truffles Day!  Chocolates or underground mushrooms? You decide!  Let's get right into celebrating National Truffles Day!


Today is a holiday because it doesn't matter which truffle you're talking about (chocolate or fungus) people seem to love eating them! And that's pretty much how most food holidays are started; you get enough people to like something and they'll want to celebrate it. But which truffle would you celebrate?  There are the underground mushrooms that have been called "the diamond of the kitchen" because they're hard to find in the wild and they have a high-class taste. In fact, most people train pigs to sniff them out because they do have a recognizable scent that carries over when you cook them in your meals.

So they're rare, which makes them pricey, and they have a lot of flavor so people usually only put thin slices of truffles into their meals. But there are white truffles, black winter and summer truffles and even Chinese truffles so you won't be limited on variety.  But chocolate truffles have been around since 1895, thanks to M. Dufour from France. They're usually round chocolate treats that have a soft center that is either coated with chocolate or cocoa powder. They're named truffles because someone seems to think they look like truffles... because they're dark and round? I guess cocoa puffs could be called truffles too then! But anyway, with chocolate truffles you're not limited either because people love adding different things to the center like ganache, caramel, nuts, fruit, nougat, fudge and a lot more!  So have you decided which way you want to celebrate yet?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you're opting to celebrate the fungus then you should head to a fancy restaurant today. Try to find somewhere that is known for infusing truffles into their meals so that you can sample the special flavor. You could use a special night out, couldn't you?  Or you could always try to find a legit source to buy your own. Just be sure that you're buying the right species of mushroom, since you'll probably be paying a lot for it! Then you can try to find different meals that would benefit from the flavor of the truffles. So taste the truffle and then decide on what you want to add it to. I've seen that people like adding them to mashed potatoes or as a glaze for a turkey.  But maybe you like the idea of chocolate truffles better. If that's the case, then head on down to your local grocery store or candy store and start searching for some tasty chocolate truffles. There are so many flavors to choose from that you might end up with a few boxes of them!  Or you could try making your own truffles if you want to come up with your own unique flavor combination. Mix up some kind of creamy center and surround it with any kind of chocolate you want. If I were to make some I would probably whip up some of that peanut butter, coconut cream that I made yesterday, add in some confectioner's sugar to solidify it a little more and then coat it with white chocolate.   I hope you have a great day filled with truffles, of any kind!

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