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August 17th is National Vanilla Custard Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for sweetness because it's National Vanilla Custard Day!  No, it's not pudding!  Let's get right into celebrating National Vanilla Custard Day!


Well, imagine this scenario... You like eating something and you find yourself eating it all the time. So you tell others that you like eating it and you find out that they like it too. And as you tell more and more people you realize that you're hardly the only one that enjoys eating this unnamed food. So you get together with a bunch of these people and decide that maybe, since you all love it so much, that you should set aside a day to celebrate one of your favorite dishes. That's pretty much how food holidays get started! So instead of people going around telling them how much they love vanilla custard and then being told that they love it too... they can go around say it's National Vanilla Custard Day, so eat some with me!  And I'm sure a lot of people will see it as vanilla pudding, but it's not really the same thing. You see, with a pudding you sweeten some milk and then thicken it up with corn starch, which gives you a nice consistency. But with custard, you do still have that sweetened milk but then you use eggs to thicken it up. The proteins in the eggs coagulate and cause the liquid to thicken and personally I'd rather eat eggs than corn starch. So in simple terms corn starch is for pudding and eggs are for custard. BUT there are things like cream puddings, found in éclairs, that are a kind of hybrid mix between a pudding and a custard.

But hey, custard has been around for a long time; they loved their custard tarts way back in the Middle Ages. And the name actually comes from the crust of the pastry, called a custard tart, which was called croustade. But we just flip flopped things around and now the creamy inside is called custard. And on this day the custard of choice has a nice vanilla flavor to it; light but very satisfying.  Do you have your bowl ready?


So, how do you celebrate today?  Well, for the lazy CeleGREATERS out there, there are actually two options. You can search around for a nice, ready-made version of vanilla custard. You might find it on a menu somewhere, at a grocery store or even at a bakery. And hey, I don't blame you; celebrations really shouldn't be about putting in extra work, right?  But there are also many instant, vanilla custard mixes out there. Sure, they won't taste as good but they are very simple to make and will get that vanilla custard past your lips. Some of them only require you to warm up some milk and you're good to go. I think we can all handle that, don't you think?  But of course some people won't want to eat instant custard; they will want to make it themselves. It will taste better, you'll have a good amount of it and you can control more of the ingredients in your recipe. I have made chocolate custard before from scratch and it came out so good that honestly I would recommend this option over using an instant mix, but it's all up to you!  Have a great day and enjoy your vanilla treat!

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