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November 1st is National Vinegar Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then why don't you head to the kitchen because it's National Vinegar Day!  How will you use this lovely liquid today?  Let's get right into celebrating National Vinegar Day!


Well, I'd have to say that it's a pretty handy little liquid. We use it in our food, it's healthy and there are even some uses for it outside of the kitchen. Some people love cooking with vinegar and there are A LOT of different kinds to choose from. And there are even medicinal, cleaning and agricultural uses for vinegar. So, even if you don't really like the taste of it, there are many other reasons to celebrate vinegar. Don't go missing out on this celebration!  Vinegar is a fermented liquid that usually consists of water and acetic acid, but there many different varieties out there. Let me go ahead and mention a few that I've never heard of before so that you get an idea as to how many vinegars there are out there. There is tomato vinegar, coconut vinegar, raisin vinegar, beer vinegar, honey vinegar and even kiwi vinegar. And those are just the odd varieties!

But what else can you use vinegar for, other than cooking with it? A tissue, draped over sunburned skin and then sprayed with white vinegar helps restore your skin to the right acidity and gives a cooling effect. You can even use it to treat warts. And if you want to clean off some glass or other smooth surfaces then why not use vinegar? It breaks up the minerals and you can even polish brass with it. And guess what else? You can use it as an herbicide!  Now wonder people want to celebrate vinegar!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, what kind of things do you like to eat with vinegar? Do you like salt and vinegar chips, vinegar on your salad or on your French fries? Well then, get into that! I like to marinade steaks in red wine vinegar, pepper, oil, garlic and some steak rub. Pop those steaks on the grill and enjoy. If you don't like it then mail it to me!  But you know, you could try out some of the other uses for vinegar today. Try cleaning with it and see if it doesn't make all your glass surfaces sparkle in the sunlight. Some people even drink it for weight loss reasons, because it makes you feel full longer. So drink a little bit of it if you want to lose weight... it will even help lower your cholesterol and control your blood glucose. Yeah, it's pretty magical!

And if you're really into vinegar, then maybe you should take a stab at making your own. I'm sure you could find information online on how to do it. All you have to do is decide which kind you want to try to make. If you do choose this option then I wish you the best and I hope it turns out well!  Have a great day and enjoy your vinegar!

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