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September 3rd is National Welsh Rarebit Day

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If you're looking for something to do then break out some toast because it's National Welsh Rarebit Day!  Things are about to get sloppy!  Let's get right into celebrating National Welsh Rarebit Day!


You'd think with such a weird name that maybe there was a reason for this specific day to be chosen, right? No, there is no reason for it to be on this day. Well, then... Yep, it is a food holiday for the same reason that many other days are food holidays! Someone made it, people liked it and kept eating it and now they just want to celebrate it. And that's why today is National Welsh Rarebit Day; it's as simple as that!  But there has to be something behind that name, right? Oh yes, there is... a whole lot of hate on the Welsh, it seems! No one's really sure why it's called that but there are many explanations that don't paint a pretty picture of the Welsh. One is that it use to be called Welsh rabbit way back in the early 1700's and if the Welsh went rabbit hunting that this would end being their supper. Nice one, you jerks! They can't be that bad at hunting, can they? Another explanation dives deeper into hunting and says that the Welsh peasants weren't allowed to eat rabbits that were caught on hunts on the land of nobility, so they ate this instead.  But there is yet again another explanation that says that the Welsh couldn't afford good cuts of meat so rabbit was the poor man's meat... and cheese was the poor man's rabbit. So why would this be called Welsh rabbit (later somehow changed to rarebit)? Well, it's toast with a cheese sauce poured over it! It's almost like a cheese fondue except it uses cheddar cheese, beer, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and other spices. It's quite the rarebit of food but it's no rabbit!  Are you curious enough to try it?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you really want to slack off today then you can try your very best to locate a restaurant that serves Welsh rarebit, but good luck finding it! I've never seen it on a menu but of course I've never really looked for it. It might be a fun, little hunt for you but what are you supposed to eat when you can't come home with some rarebit? What's cheaper than cheese sauce on toast? Bread crumbs? No, I think you might have to buck up and make some yourself.  And honestly, it's not that hard at all to make. So get to searching for an easy recipe online, shop for the ingredients and start melting it down into a sauce! I opted not to use actual beer when I made mine so that's an area you might want to modify too. You could use your favorite beer, a bunch of different flavorful microbrews or really any dark, carbonated beverage you want. You just have to keep in mind the other ingredients and make sure that your beverage will compliment the other flavors. So if you have a few drinks you want to try then make a few batches.  But you know, if you are Welsh then why don't you go on a rabbit hunt today. Give the past a headbutt and catch some rabbits on your own land and bring home supper! And hey, feel free to mix it into your cheese sauce and eat like royalty tonight!  Have a great day and enjoy your sloppy toasty!

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