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September 4th is National Wildlife Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then go hang out with some animals because it's National Wildlife Day!  Just don't go trying to hug any bears though!  Let's get right into celebrating National Wildlife Day!


Well Colleen Paige set up this holiday in honor of the late, great Steve Irwin because of all the awesome animals he shared with us through his videos. She wanted to give a tip of the hat to the amazing zoos and wildlife sanctuaries around the globe and to raise awareness about endangered species. It's a day to educate yourself and others about the animals all around us so that we understand them, love them and make sure that they're still around when we're long gone.

And if you think about it, almost everyone loves at least seeing wild animals. Even when it's something as common as a deer on the side of the road, most people will slow down and watch them for a while. We have giant zoos that people visit all the time just see animals. We have the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet which show all types of animals in their natural habitats. So why not try our best to keep these animals around?  We have interlaced our lives with animals and every animal plays some kind of role in keeping our way of life chugging along. They are natural lawn mowers, snacks for other animals and some end up planting the seeds for future plants to come without even knowing it. So for those of you who own bird feeders, for those of you putting out salt licks and for those of you who go to zoos... what can you do to keep these animals safe?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could start by educating yourself about the wildlife around you. Go to local zoos or watch documentaries to get more information on the threats that are popping up for different species. Talk to the zookeepers and find out what you can do to help. Maybe they'd even let you volunteer at the zoo.  Or go to a state or national park and talk to the park rangers there to get more information on the animals that are roaming the woods around you. See if they need any help with anything or just get information on what you should do when you come across certain animals in the wild. Then slowly drive through the area and see if you can spot any animals.

And you could even donate money and sponsor different endangered species. Heck, you could hold an event and have all the proceeds go toward an wildlife charity of your choosing. Talk to local zoo or animal sanctuary owners and see about holding an event there. Half of the proceeds can go to the zoo or sanctuary, the rest can go to the charity and everybody else gets to see and learn about many different animals.  Have a great day and keep it beastly!

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