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January 25th is Observe the Weather Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then look up because today is Observe the Weather Day!  Get outside and check things out for yourself!  Let's get right into celebrating Observe the Weather Day!


I'm not exactly sure why this specific day was chosen but it's never a bad thing to know how the weather is. It is however a good excuse to get people outside on a day that they might attempt to stay couped up in their house all day.  Without knowing how the weather is you might end up dressing for a completely different climate. Given the date of this celebration, I'd expect you to be a bit bundled up today! Unless of course you're in the Southern Hemisphere, then feel free to wear shorts today!  And if people didn't observe the weather, it'd be pretty hard for you to book a safe flight. Airports need to know it advance things like visibility, wind speed and direction, precipitation and so on. This ensures that you have a safe flight AND that you can take off and land properly.
But what about if you're trying to drive somewhere? You probably need to know the conditions on the road before you leave, right? That way you can plan to leave earlier if the conditions are bad. And you can also change your plans in advance if the weather is going to be crummy and you planned to be outside.  And even if you're not going anywhere, it's nice to just soak in the great outdoors and see how things are outside today. You'd be surprised how peaceful things are in the winter whenever no one else wants to come outside. Take advantage of that and enjoy the calmness while you observe the weather today.  So you can see that, even without thinking about it, we already observe the weather in our daily lives, and we observe for specific reasons. What's your reason for doing it today? To celebrate of course; so take a good amount of time with your weather observations today!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well your first step might be to check online or on TV for today's weather forecast. Get a good idea how the weather is going to be and then get dressed for the day.
Then you can go out and see it for yourself. How's the sky look today? Is it cold outside? Is the wind blowing? Check your thermometer or barometer.  Really take some time and absorb it all.  You can even make things a bit fun by taking pictures and video to help "stop time" and build little artistic memories on how the weather was on this exact day. Take pictures of random things that truly illustrate the conditions of the weather and then post them online somewhere and share your little outdoor adventure with others.  Then when you're done you can come back to your nice, warm house and be grateful that you have walls and a roof to keep the weather outside, while you wind down for the rest of the day.

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