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May 29th is Paper Clip Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then organize your papers because it's Paper Clip Day!  That handy little piece of metal has always been there for you!  Let's get right into celebrating Paper Clip Day!


Well, when you need to hold some papers together and you don't want to poke holes in them or bend the corner over, what do you reach for? A paper clip! It's a simple little invention that keeps papers and other things organized so why not celebrate this often overlooked piece of metal?  The first paper clip was actually patented way back in 1867 by Samuel B. Fay and was made to be used a clip for attaching tickets to fabrics. Of course it was also realized that it could be used to hold papers together too.

But this design is nothing like what we use today, in fact there have been many designs that came before what we're use to seeing.  The standard paper clip you see today is called the "Gem" paper clip, because it was produced by The Gem Manufacturing Company in Britain. This version popped up sometime in the 1870s and has stuck around ever since. Now you can get them in a variety of sizes and colors, so you'll never get bored with your handy little paper clips!  Get to clipping!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, since they help you keep things organized why don't you give back today and organize your paper clips? I'm sure some of you have them scattered all over the bottom of your desk drawer, so tidy them up a bit. Check your drawers and put them all into one place. You could even get a little paper clip bin for on top of your desk if you want. Get a magnetized one for added safety ;). You might be surprised how many paper clips you actually have once you round them all up.

And if you don't really have any paper clips then today is a great day to get some! You can get some really tiny ones or some huge ones, some multicolored ones or some plain metal ones, some special shapes or the basic Gem shape... you have plenty of choices! See who can find the most creative looking paper clips so you all can organize your papers in style.  Plus you could even spend the day finding other uses for paper clips. You could make a paper clip necklace, bend them into those little spring toys where if you drop them they snap up into the air or anything else you can think of using them for. Heck, wear them as earrings if you want! When you start bending them into other shapes they become even more functional for plenty of other tasks. Let me know if you come up with any amazing new ways to use a paper clip! I'd love to see someone jumping rope with a chain of paper clips ;).  Enjoy your day and your bent pieces of metal!

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