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July 14th is Pick Blueberries Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then it's time to get outside because it's Pick Blueberries Day!  Grab some baskets and beat the birds to the berries!  Let's get right into celebrating Pick Blueberries Day!


Well, I'm sure a lot of you enjoy eating blueberry-infused foods, right? And I'm also sure that a lot of you realize the poor quality you get if you go with frozen blueberries and the high price you'll pay for fresh blueberries at your grocery store. And since it's the perfect time for picking, you can go out and get the best tasting blueberries at the best prices by picking them yourself! It gets you outside, you save the blueberries from the birds and you end up with a stockpile of berry goodness. So why not celebrate, right?  If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, then chances are this celebration is during the perfect time of year for you. From The United States, to Canada and Europe, these bushes are everywhere! There are two types of blueberries, lowbush and highbush, but the lowbush variety is known for its intense color and are known as "wild". The highbush varieties are all a bit different, most notably in flavor.

But if you live in Maine, then you're no stranger to blueberries because Maine produces 25% of North America's lowbush blueberries! They are the largest producers in the world and they have 60,020 acres dedicated to their blueberry bushes. With that many bushes you need your own beehives to ensure that your bushes get pollinated... and trust me; they do! They have 50,000 beehives! Blueberries are even the number one fruit crop exported from Canada, so someone must love these things!  You better get to picking if you want the freshest of fresh!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you have your own blueberries bushes then you know exactly what to do. Stop neglecting your bushes and get out there and pick some! I know it can seem like a chore but think of all the blueberry muffins or blueberry jelly you can make. Round up the kids and it will go a lot faster. Give them each a container to put their berries in and tell them whoever fills theirs first doesn't have to help you cook. The picking will go a lot faster that way!  But if you don't have your own bushes you can always look around for farms that let you come pick their blueberries. I'm sure you've seen all the strawberry farms that let you do this but there are blueberry farms that need help picking too. You can end up with a TON of blueberries for so cheap! And you know you'll be eating some as you pick and the farmers are OK with that... so you get free blueberries! ;)  But you know, blueberries actually do grow out in the wild. If there are blueberry bushes nearby then you know birds are munching on them. And when they eat them and well, it passes through them or if they drop the berries, the blueberry seeds get dropped all over. And these are hardy bushes so you'd be surprised how many wild blueberry bushes you'll find out in the middle of the woods. So study up on what blueberry bushes look like, get some friends together and head out to the woods and see if you can find some yourself!  Have a great day and enjoy your berries!

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