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March 19th is Poultry Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get a little closer to some winged beasts because it's Poultry Day!  You can pet it or you can eat it; it's up to you!  Let's get right into celebrating Poultry Day!


If you're wondering why today is a holiday all you have to do is think about the many different ways that poultry has touched your life. Yes, even if you're vegan I'm sure poultry has influenced you in some way. Have you ever fed ducks or played with baby chicks? Well then, there you go! And if you do eat meat or eggs then you've probably had many feasts thanks to poultry products so the question really is, why aren't you celebrating?  Poultry refers to any type of bird that we've domesticated for their meat or eggs. So yes, of course, that includes chicken and turkey. But you don't want to forget ducks or geese. Even pheasants ostriches and emus are considered poultry.

So take a moment and think of what your life would be like without poultry. No fried chicken, no chicken nuggets, no eggs in the morning, no ducks to feed at the pond, no geese flying overhead, honking as they form a V. All the good things you can think of that poultry brings into your life... gone... for a split second!  Now be thankful that you were only imagining it!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, it depends on what "side of the fence" you're on.  If you don't enjoy eating anything that has to do with animals then maybe you could just get a little closer to some live poultry today.  If you live in a rural area then go visit a chicken farm.  Find a nice place that treats their chickens well and see how well they like you when you scatter feed around for them.  Watch as they bob their heads back and forth looking for food.  You might even be lucky enough to see some baby chicks.  Or you could go to a local river or pond and feed some ducks bread.  Even wild ducks are so used to being fed this way that they're a bit fearless when coming in for a snack.  And if you have a camera or video camera on hand then don't forget to capture some memories with this winged creatures.

And on the other hand you could go out to eat for a nice poultry-infused dinner.  Order up a well-loved dish whether it's chicken, turkey, goose or any other poultry meat.  Treat yourself to some fine dining today or make something for yourself or your family and friends at home.  It could be as simple as some eggs in the morning or as fancy as a roasted duck.  It all depends on what you have on hand and what you want to spend to celebrate today.  You could even have an all you can eat wings night at your place with the guys (or girls).  I have a hard time resisting these spicy little meat snacks myself!  Regardless of what you decide to do today I hope your day is centered around poultry!

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