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February 28th is Public Sleeping Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a nap because it's Public Sleeping Day!  I don't care where you are, if you need sleep then get some!  Let's get right into celebrating Public Sleeping Day!


Seems like an odd thing to celebrate, doesn't it? But think about it... have you been getting enough sleep lately? Most of us haven't because of our busy lives and it starts to run us down. We get stressed out, sick or just can't think straight because of our lack of sleep. So today, if you need to, go ahead and sneak a nap anywhere you want. And if you see someone sleeping in public, let them rest!  Why is sleep such a big deal? Everyone needs to sleep, including almost all animals, for many reasons. First of all, when we sleep our body heals. So if you're sick, have wounds or just did a hardcore workout then you need to keep up on your sleep in order to heal. Otherwise you'll be sick longer than you need to be, your wounds will take forever to heal and you won't progress in your workouts the way that you should be. So sleep to stay healthy, healed and to do away with sore muscles!
Sleep also helps develop your brain at a young age. In fact, it's been said that if you go without sleep for so many days that you're legally insane. OK crazy, time for a nap!  Sleep also helps you remember things and think a lot clearer. Has anyone ever told you to sleep on it when faced with a decision? Well, they might be telling you to do that so that you make the decision when you have a clear and refreshed mind!  What else happens when you sleep? You dream... don't give up on your dreams guys, haha!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's simple... if you need some extra sleep then take a nap anywhere you want to today.  At work, on the bus, it doesn't matter!  And if someone tries to wake you up tell them that today is Public Sleeping Day and hopefully they'll let you sleep. 

In fact, you could play a little game and see how long it takes for someone to try to wake you up.  Or how many people try to wake you up in certain locations.  Try to sleep in some of the oddest places to see how people react.  Could you imagine coming into an elevator and someone is sleeping in there?  And if you're in a position of authority and you see someone sleeping on the job, let it slide just for today.  If someone's sleeping at work then they're obviously a bit overworked and if they're caught up on their work a little nap won't hurt.  I mean hey, I know many teachers use to let kids sleep in class.  In fact, I remember waking up as everyone else was leaving or already gone.  So catch up on your sleep today and let everyone else do the same!  Trust me, you'll be twice as productive tomorrow!

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