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September 7th is Salami Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're a meat eater because it's Salami Day!  Oh yes, you know you want a slice!  Let's get right into celebrating Salami Day!


Well, people honestly just can't seem to get enough of this meat. Don't believe me? Well, what do you think pepperoni is? Mhmm, and you see that tossed all over pizza more than any other greasy topping. And that's not the only type of salami out there, so it really is no surprise that people are going to want to set aside a day to celebrate this meat. So break out your knives and get to slicing into this amazing celebratory meat!  Salami is actually the plural form of the Italian word salame, but it's the word that is commonly used in the English language. The word comes from Sale which means salt and ame is what you use to represent a collection of nouns. So it represents a bunch of salty meat. And it's sausage that has been cured, fermented and then air-dried. It's a meat log that was very popular with European peasants because they could store it for up to 10 years without going bad. So if they kept it at room temp they could just stock up on meat when they can get it and be set for a while.

And at first salami stood for all kinds of cured meats but it soon was only used for one of the best kinds of cured meat... salami, of course. They would grind up meat, toss some salt and spices into the mix and then jam it into an elongated animal gut so it could ferment. Sounds so good doesn't it? But there are so many different types of meats used in salami; heck the Japanese even use horse meat!  What kind of salami are you going to be chomping on?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I think your best bet would be to head on down to your local deli and see what kind of salami selection they have available. Ask for recommendations and find out what goes into each type so that you're sure you're getting the best meat for your taste buds. Then just slice that baby up when you get home! Pop it on crackers, sandwiches, pizza or anything else you can think of.  If you're really into your cured meats then maybe you should get a wide variety of salami to taste test all day. You could even play a little game where people are blindfolded and try to guess which type of salami it is. Heck, give people a taste beforehand and see how great of a flavor memory they have if you want. Who said eating salami wasn't fun?

And if you're really into celebrating then you might be all gung-ho about making your own salami. It could actually be pretty fun but you'll have to let it ferment and dry out for a bit, so today would just be the birth of your salami. So choose your meat and spices and get on into it. Just be sure you know what you're doing though; you don't want to end up with a spoiled meat log!  Have a great day and enjoy your protein!

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