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November 3rd is Sandwich Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get hungry because it's Sandwich Day!  You know you could go for one!  So let's get right into celebrating Sandwich Day!


Well, this is actually the birthday of John Montagu, who was born back in 1718. But who's this guy, right? Well, he was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, and he often would ask his servants to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread. This made it easy for him to eat while he gambled, since he could eat with just one hand. But he didn't exactly invent the idea of a sandwich, he's just the reason they call it a sandwich. As more people saw him eat like that, they would request "the same as Sandwich" and eventually it was shortened to just sandwich.  But even if it wasn't his birthday, can you imagine not having a day to celebrate the sandwich? I mean, can you imagine going through life without having sandwiches? That would mean you wouldn't have been raised on things like peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese or sloppy joes. You wouldn't be able to order a cheesesteak, BLT or a club sandwich for lunch. And you know, a hamburger is a type of sandwich too.

Without the invention of the sandwich, we'd have to use silverware more often and we wouldn't be able to multitask as well. It makes a meal much more portable and it can help balance things out. You get your carbohydrates from the bread, your protein from the meat, your dairy from the cheese, your vegetables from the lettuce or tomato and maybe even some sweets or fats from the condiments. Then all you need is a little fruit and you just knocked out the whole food pyramid!  Are you ready to eat?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, maybe you should start out with a little exercise so that you appreciate the sandwich a little more. Go ahead and round up everything you would put on a sandwich, if you were to eat one right now. Don't put the sandwich together; just get the ingredients rounded up. Alright, now start eating each thing on its own, without making it into a sandwich or combining any ingredients. It's not quite as good, is it?  And now that you're much more grateful for the invention of the sandwich, go ahead and make your sandwich just how you like it. Or better yet, go out to eat and treat yourself to a sandwich. Order a sandwich with toasted bread and all the special things you like on the side. Or be brave and order the sandwich of the day. There are a lot of adventures you can go on today, as you look at the sandwich menu... but if you're a true baller, you'll buy the most expensive sandwich just because you can.  But feel free to be adventurous at home too. I mean, there are plenty of different combinations you can explore. For instance, if you were to ask a group of people how they make a tuna fish sandwich you might get like 5 different answers. So maybe that's an area of sandwichness that you want to explore. Whip up some tuna fish sandwiches in a few different ways and find out why other people like to eat them that way. You might end up liking it yourself!  Have a great day and don't use up all the bread!

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