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March 28th is Something on a Stick Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then grab a stick because it's Something on a Stick Day!  Now go ahead and slide something edible on that stick and enjoy!  Let's get right into celebrating Something on a Stick Day!


What the crap? Something on a Stick Day? Yep! Why? Well, think about all the things you've eaten that normally come on a stick... it's pretty handy isn't it? I mean without that helpful stick you might not eat half of those things as often. So the simple task of putting edible treats on a stick is cause for celebration.  I'm sure you can already think of a handful of different things that come on a stick. How about lollipops? These sweet little treats have been around since the 1920s and they make can a little more fun. Without the stick they'd be a big hunk of hard candy that you'd be forced to suck on (or crunch on) until it's gone. But since it has a stick you can take it out of your mouth at anytime, lick it and even put it back in its wrapper to finish some other time.

What about popsicles? These frozen deals have been around since 1905 and are key in the summer months. Without the stick you'd have to eat it fast or it'd melt in your hands, which would be a sticky mess anyway. Or you'd have to eat it out of a bowl, which isn't as fun and requires a bowl and a spoon. But since it has a stick you can take your time eating it without the need of any other utensils.  What about skewered meats and vegetables? Without the stick you'd once again need a plate or a bowl and probably a fork to eat the little chunks of goodness. But since they have a stick through them you can walk around the barbecue and mingle as you eat with one hand.  See how nice it is to have something on a stick?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can simply head to the store and pick up a bunch of somethings on a stick that you normally eat.  If you like sugary treats then get lollipops, candy apples or popsicles.  If you like meat then get some skewers, meat and vegetables to grill up or even some corn dogs.  If you're going to a Chinese buffet then get some of that pork on a stick.  You are really going to have a lot of choices!

And if you're heading to a store like Sam's Club today then you get the chance to eat a wide variety of somethings on a stick!  Yep, that's right!  You're going to be that person going around to all of the stands trying out all the samples because a lot of them have a toothpick in them.  Hey, it counts as a stick ;).  But if you want to get a little creative then go to the store, buy a bunch of wooden sticks that they use for corn dogs and then look around the store to see what you can pop on them.  If you have a fryer you could make your own corn dogs but you could also take a stab at the fried Snickers bars on a stick.  I've even seen people make little cake lollipops which is a peice of cake on a stick that's coated in chocolate.  And I've seen people put mini cherry pies and cinnamon buns on sticks too!  Get creative, grab your sticks and have some fun!

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