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October 25th is Sourest Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to shock your taste buds because it's Sourest Day!  Oh yes... pucker up!  And let's get right into celebrating Sourest Day!


Well, there are so many things out there that are sweet and salty, and they're very appealing to most people. But some people love that jolt of sourness! It's almost like a challenge to see if you can handle it and a lot of people end up enjoying the resulting flavor, after the sourness. So why not have a holiday where you attempt to locate and consume the sourest things you can find, right? And that's what we're doing; we must please the population of sour lovers!  But what is it that makes things sour? Well, it's acid! The stronger the acid, the more sour it will taste to you. That's why things like lemons and limes taste sour; they have a lot of citric acid in them. And if you think about it, this could be seen as a type of defense. Having a really acidic mouth isn't good for your teeth and gums and plus, if it's really acidic, you could run into some problems if you swallow it. So it's kind of good that it makes a lot of us pucker up, shrug our shoulders and shake our heads. If it's too acidic, then most people won't consume it.

But what do you think is the sourest edible treat? There is a lot of candy out there like Warheads, Shock Tarts, Cry Babies and Sour Patch Kids that give you a nice dosage of sourness, but are they the sourest things you can consume? This is why we have holidays like this... It's time for the bravest of brave taste buds to find out once and for all what is the sourest thing out there, which is safe to consume.  Are you ready for an adventure?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, why don't you start out with something as basic as a lemon? In fact, get a few friends or family members together and see who can eat a lemon wedge without making a face. Or who can drink some unsweetened, freshly-squeezed lemon juice without puckering up. Or even go all out and have someone gulp down some of that concentrated lemon juice, that you cook with.   But if you already know that a lemon isn't going to put you over the top, then you're going to have to look elsewhere, right? And a lot of you might fare well by heading to the candy aisle. Sample some of the store's sourest candies and then smirk slyly as you realize how loaded this sentence is with S's. See who has the best sour poker face and maybe even trick people into eating some of the sour candy. It is kind of fun to see someone's reaction to sour things, isn't it?

But is there anything else you can consume that puts candy and citrus fruits to shame? I've heard stories of Japanese pickled plums being quite sour, so perhaps you'll want to venture into that territory. Or maybe there's something else lurking in the dark corners of the culinary world that most tongues are afraid of. It is your job to locate this unspoken legend of sourness.  Have a great day and enjoy your acid!

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