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February 13th is Stamp Collectors Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then save your saliva because it's Stamp Collectors Day!  Break out your craziest postage stamps today!  Let's get right into celebrating Stamp Collectors Day!


Stamp collecting is such a long-lived hobby that it was bound to be celebrated one of these days. The postage stamp was was actually brought out in the United Kingdom in 1840. It was the first time that the sender actually paid for the letter or package to be sent. Penny Black was the name of this first stamp... my guess would be because it cost a penny and it was a black picture of Queen Victoria. Must have been nice to send a letter for only a penny, huh?  Stamp collecting sprouted pretty much as soon as postage stamps made it to each and every country. People would start using the stamps and other people wanted to collect them. Some people collect them based on value, location, history or just because it has a cool design or image on it.  Collectors will have huge books full of used and unused stamps, some of which are rare and others that are just plain wacky. It's quite the never ending but peaceful hobby. You've got to collect them all, right? ;)  Most of us just slap stamps on letters and send them on their way, but to a lot of people these little adhesive payments mean something special. Especially if there's a printing error on the stamp or it's a commemorative or airmail stamp. There are actually a lot of clubs where stamp collectors can get together to trade stamps and talk about their hobby.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you're not already a collector then today would be a great day to start!  You can start carefully taking stamps off of letters sent to you to get things rolling if you want.  Or go buy a book of stamps and hang onto one for your collection.  Or you can even tell your friends and family to hang onto the stamps on letters sent to them to help you build up a collection quickly.  That way you can start your collection for almost no investment at all and get a taste for the stamp collecting hobby.  See how much you enjoy it, how big of a variety you can collect and start looking into the hobby a bit more.  Buy some stamp collecting books and really read up on what makes a stamp valuable and what type of stamps are really out there.
You can even buy a few hundred stamps from around the globe online for really cheap.  Stamp collectors will put these assortments together to help people hop right into the hobby quickly.  This can help you see stamps from all over the world that you may never find, unless you have some foreign pen pals.  And if you really get into the hobby then maybe you can look for a local or online stamp collecting club to join.  Get together with fellow collectors and see what's new in the world of stamps.  You can even trade some of your duplicate stamps for other stamps that are missing from your collection.   And even if you don't collect stamps yourself, maybe you could hold onto a few stamps you have today and give them to someone who actually does collect stamps.  I'm sure that would brighten their day!  Regardless of how you decide to celebrate, I hope you have fun collecting!

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