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June 22nd is Stupid Guy Thing Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then let's get stupid because it's Stupid Guy Thing Day!  Yep, "it's a guy thing, you wouldn't understand."  Let's get right into celebrating Stupid Guy Thing Day!


Today is a holiday because sometimes we need to celebrate the stupid things in life! And sure, guys do a lot of stupid things that women, and sometimes even men, just don't understand why they do them. This goes on in everyone's life in one way or another so today is a day to reflect on these things.  One of the biggest things that a lot of guys don't do is listen. This might happen often because in reality men and women will never think the same way. And sure, some guys just don't care to hear anything you have to say.

You're not into the same things or you talk about the same things over and over again and they zone you out. Is it right to do? No, probably not... and you both should look at why you can't really have good conversations. I mean, if you're a couple and you aren't interested in the same things or aren't on the same path then maybe it's time for "the talk".  But that is hardly the only stupid thing that guys do! So guys and girls take time to reflect on these things. Work on them... celebrate them... complain about them. It doesn't matter; just bring them to light and put them on display!  Sorry guys, this day might suck for us!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can go about things in two ways. You can literally celebrate the stupid things that us guys do. Don't complain one bit just accept them and maybe even praise the stupid things. If we stop listening just be like, "oh, sorry I talk about that a lot" or "nevermind, that's a dumb subject." If we leave the seat up then just put it back down and have a seat. If we don't ask for directions then just say it's fine, you kind of want to get lost today anyway. Have fun with it; you might shock the men you're with!

Or you can complain about every stupid things guys do today. Make a giant list and start telling the men in your life what you hate. Ask them to change, tell them why it sucks and show how it affects you. It might not be the happiest way to celebrate but it needs to come out someday, right?  And hey, you could even toy with these stupid things and do them yourself! When your man starts talking to you about something just give him a couple "uh huhs" and nods while you do something else. And if he asks if you're listening just say, "of course not." When you go to the bathroom you can either put the seat down and close the lid or you can leave it up yourself! That's right; try to master the art of peeing standing up today! Don't worry if you make a mess, he does too, right? And pssh... directions? Wing it! You'll make it there eventually and if you don't then it wasn't worth it.  Have a great day today and don't be too stupid!

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