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March 16th is St. Urho's Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you like grapes because today is St. Urho's Day!  Possibly trying to steal the thunder from another saint?  Oh well, let's get right into celebrating St. Urho's Day!


Today is a holiday because Richard Mattson says so! In all reality, the Finnish-American made up the legend of St. Urho in 1956 when his co-worker asked why the Finnish people didn't have a saint like Irish have St. Patrick.  So he made up his own saint named Urho who scared the frogs out of Finland with his loud voice. How did he get the loud voice? Well, from drinking sour, whole milk and eating fish soup of course! Why did he want to scare them away? To protect their grapes, what else? Pretty interesting, huh?

This holiday originally took place on May 24th but it was switched to March 16th, the day before St. Patrick's Day. Nice one! That's not all that's been switched though. Now the legend states that it was grasshoppers that were scared away instead of frogs.  Let's hope there aren't any new changes to this made up holiday or we won't know what we're supposed to be doing or what we're celebrating!  


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's a tradition to wear Royal Purple and Nile Green to what is called St. Urho's Feast. So look through your closet and dresser to see what you can find that is green and purple. And if you don't have anything then go shopping for a shirt so that you can celebrate in style.  Anything will do: green and purples shirts, socks, ties, hats, face paint, ribbons in your hair, hair dye.  Have fun with it!  But what are you going to have for your feast? Well, you could be like St. Urho and drink some sour, whole milk, eat some fish soup and then sing the Ode to St. Urho. That would really get you into the spirit of the legend and maybe make you sing louder, but I can't say that it sounds too appealing to me.

Or you could feast on a ton of different things made from grapes to celebrate the fact that the grasshoppers or frogs didn't get your crops! Get some grapes of all varieties, grape juice, grape jelly, raisins, wine and anything else you can think of that's made from grapes. This is a more appealing option, that's for sure!  And it could actually be pretty healthy as long as you don't take in too much sugar from the jelly or get too sloppy with the wine.  Or you could be bold and show the grasshoppers and frogs who's boss. That's right, eat them! Get some chocolate covered grasshoppers and crunch those babies down. And if that doesn't sound good to you then why not opt for some frog legs? These both sound pretty gross but some people swear they're not as bad as you'd think.  Regardless of how you decide to celebrate I hope that you make St. Urho proud, even if he isn't real!

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