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March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then head outside because it's Take a Walk in the Park Day!  I promise your computer will be here when you get back!  Let's get right into celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day!


Today is a holiday for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons might be because we're all so dang busy! We have such hectic lives that we forget to take a little break and breathe some fresh air while we walk around a park. It's a simple celebration but it's so relaxing and beneficial that there really is no reason why you shouldn't celebrate today.  But if you really need more reasons to celebrate, you can also benefit from getting up off your but and walking around for a bit. Walking is good for your circulation and it'll actually help you burn some extra calories. And hey, who says you can't run around a little if you want to ;).

I mean, think about how much work you put into trying to walk when you were a baby... and now you need a reason to take a walk? Come on now!  Do you love nature, playing with your kids or breathing fresh air? Well, then you have more reasons to get outside today. State and National parks count too; so you can actually get in a good amount of exploration today. New things always make for a better celebration.  Now lace up those shoes or boots and go take a walk!


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, you can easily just head outside to a local park and make a lap or two around it while absorbing all that you see, hear and maybe even smell!  You can go alone if you want or bring your pet along with you.  And since it's a celebration, why don't you check out a park you've never been to before?

And hey, if you have kids then let them play at the playground while you walk around the park.  I know, i know, it sucks that you can't fit on playground equipment anymore but at least your kids will be occupied for a while while you walk around.  Just make sure that someone else you trust is watching them play.  And if you want to go explore a state or national park then get a group of friends together, check out the place online and then head out on a hike... I mean walk ;).  Trust me, you want to plan ahead if you want enjoy your trip to a park like this.  First of all you want to know where you're going and then secondly you'll want to know what there is to check out.  The website should have a map pinpointing everything you'll want to see and even show you where the trails go.  You might want to bring some food if you plan on putting in a few miles!  Have a great day and get outside!

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