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October 24th is Take Back Your Time Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then hold on a minute because it's Take Back Your Time Day!  Don't cram your schedule too full today!  Let's get right into celebrating Take Back Your Time Day!


Well, just think about... are you stressed out, overworked and underpaid? Then this is the kind of holiday you could use! We try to cram so much stuff into our daily lives that our days are just a blur. And what if we want to add something else into the mix? We've got no time for that! So today is really set aside for you to step back, look at the time wasters, look at what's important and really use your time more wisely.  But today is actually a well-organized movement that hones in on creating more free time for the working class. So, it's not just up to you, it's up to your employers too! Like for instance, if you aren't given paid leave if you're sick... what are you going to do? You'll probably come into work sick, make everyone else sick and stay sick longer yourself. So they ask that employers give people at least a week of paid sick leave each year. That's not too much to ask, right?

And what about Election Day, that's a pretty important day right? We all need to be able to get out, vote and take part in the election process, but not everyone has off that day. Some people have to wait in line and hope that they will be able to vote without being late for work. And from what I've seen at past elections, you might be in line for quite some time. Then you're faced with the decision of voting and being late for work (punishment and less money) or dropping out of line to go to work (didn't get to vote). So that's another thing they want to change; they want Election Day to be a holiday!  These are good ideas, aren't they?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you should start off with something you have control over: your free time, outside of work. Think of all the things that you waste time with or drag your feet while you do them... if you dropped these things from your schedule or did them faster then you'd have a lot of extra free time! There's nothing wrong with relaxing, but if you waste all your free time then what are you working toward? Are you just working so that you have some time to sit around and do nothing?  But then of course you can go after the real issue and that's your employers. If you're in really tight with your boss then maybe you can talk to them about these issues. Convince them as to why paid sick leave, paid vacations and even paid leave when you have a baby would make a more efficient work place. It would make people actually enjoy coming to work because they would know that they don't have to work themselves to the bone!  But if you want to make Election Day a holiday, then you're going to have to start sending some letters to government officials. Get a bunch of people together, sign petitions and show the state and federal governments why Election Day should be a holiday. Show them instances from past elections where people were in line all day, waiting to vote. If enough people demand it then it will be made a holiday!  Have a great day and make some true changes in your lives!

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