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July 27th is Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for a breath of fresh air because it's Take Your Pants for a Walk Day!  Literally... or you know... you could just wear them while you walk!  Let's get right into celebrating Take Your Pants for a Walk Day!


Well, I think the name of this holiday is quite a slick trick to get you outside and walking. If you're wearing pants then all you have to do is start walking somewhere and you're taking your pants for a walk. But sometimes we forget to get out there and sniff some roses or we're just too busy. Well, that's what today is all about... making a little time so that you can enjoy a short, or even a long, walk outside. You could use the break, couldn't you?  All the stress from your daily life will build up if you don't take a little break here and there. And now you have an excuse to just go for a walk. It's not that big of a deal, right? No one should have a problem with you doing that and in fact they might join you! So stop thinking about work, your bills or anything like that and just clear your mind and walk. Absorb what's around you and let it drain the stress from your body.

And guess what? It's not just your mind that will benefit from your walk; your entire body will! We're not made to just sit around. We need to stay active, keep our circulation going and burn off all the calories in the food we eat. Otherwise we'll end up with a ton of health problems and big ol' gut! And as hard as someone may try to convince you, no one really wants to be unhealthy.   So are you and your pants ready for a walk?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, it's as simple as sliding into a pair of pants and heading out for a walk. Find a nice relaxing path near a body of water, hike on a trail you never hiked before or anywhere else you can think of. Get out there and explore and just unwind. You might see things you never noticed before, you might see familiar faces and you might just enjoy yourself. No... actually, you WILL enjoy yourself! As long as it's not raining...

But hey, if you don't think you have time for a walk then just work it into your schedule. Do you have to go downtown for something? Well, part a few blocks away and get in a little stroll before you get to the store. Sure, it might not be as relaxing but it definitely counts as your celebration! Have a date planned for tonight? Then take your lover on a walk after you eat and enjoy some ice cream as you take in the city lights. It's really not that hard at all.  But it IS hot out... at least it is here! So, are you really going to be wearing pants? I know I'm not! So why don't you and your friends be a bunch of weirdos and literally take your pants for a walk today? Wear some boxers as shorts to really amp up the event, put your pants on a leash and walk in a group through a local park. Yeah, you might want to skip the thong today! It will turn some heads I'm sure but when you explain why you're doing it they might understand a little better. Even if they do think you're weird.  Have a great day and hey, nice pants!

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