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September 9th is Teddy Bear Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready for something soft and furry because it's Teddy Bear Day!  Go on, give it a squeeze!  Let's get right into celebrating Teddy Bear Day!


Well, even though there are SO many different types of toys that pop up almost every single day, teddy bears still seem to be sticking around! Sure, they might be a little more advanced now with their added gadgets but they're still as soft and as cute as ever. These little stuffed beasts have been around for quite some time and kids just don't seem to be letting go of them. So the popularity of these soft deals is the reason for today's celebration.  And if you're curious why they're called TEDDY bears, there is actually a little back-story behind that name. You see, Theodore Roosevelt (also known as Teddy) was on a hunting trip in 1902 in Mississippi. They were hunting bears and the people in his hunting party had beat on and tied a black bear to a tree after having their dogs chase it down for a while. They wanted Teddy to shoot it but he refused and said it was unsportsmanlike.

This quickly was turned into a political cartoon which Morris Michtom saw and was then inspired by to create a new toy. He made a stuffed bear and got permission from Teddy Roosevelt to call it Teddy's Bear. So the story of a man of power showing sympathy for an animal spawned a soft children's toy that will be with us always.  How touching!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you already have a teddy bear then dig it out of its hiding spot and show it some love today. Give it a few squeezes like you use to as a kid, sleep with it or even give it a nice bath in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. And if you have kids then maybe you can pass on the teddy bear and see if it can last through another generation of cuddling.

And if you don't have a teddy bear, you're always welcome to go shopping for one! If you have young children then you have a good excuse to but if not then just go check out what is out there anyway. And guys, if you really want one yourself, just lie and say it's for your girlfriend. ;) You might be surprised at the types of teddy bears they have for sale these days; I know I was!  But you know, if you're pretty skilled you might even want to make one yourself. Sure, you could put together a Build-A-Bear in a lot less time but a handmade teddy bear would be a bit more special! I'm sure you can find free sewing patterns online and it wouldn't cost you that much for supplies. The only thing it will cost you a little extra of is time but it will be really special to give to your child or grandchild.  Have a great day and enjoy your teddy bear cuddles!

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