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October 13th is Train Your Brain Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then flex your brains because it's Train Your Brain Day!  Oh yes, it's time to test and boost the abilities of your brain!  So let's get right into celebrating Train Your Brain Day!


Because a mind is truly beautiful thing to waste! Do you know what your mind is capable of? Well, you won't unless you keep training it and building it up with knowledge and problem-solving skills. It's not a muscle but it works like a muscle and actually controls all of your muscles. The more you use your brain the more "powerful" it will be! So today is a day set aside to keep your brain in tip top shape.  Think of your brain as a complex computer that does everything you want it to do. Heck, it does things automatically with you even having to ask it to do it! But when you keep flexing your brain through mental activity it can create new neurons, which are cells that can process and send out information. So your computer (your brain) can actually build itself up while other brains might be going obsolete. But how are you going to do that?  Well, there are things that happen every single day where you might be faced with solving a problem or making a decision but your brain's pretty use to that. So instead you'll want to do things like put together jigsaw puzzles, play memory games, solve math problems, do crossword puzzles, solve brain teasers and anything else that really puts your brain to good use. All of those things, except maybe the math problems, are actually pretty fun and will give you some good brain benefits.  Which path will you choose?

So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you could do something simple but it might take a little guts to do it. Do any of you write yourself a lot of notes, mark things on calendars, have alerts pop up on your phone and so on? Well, if you really want to test your memory, then look at all the notes and reminders you have set out for yourself today, memorize them and toss them! Yep... just go by memory and see how well you do today. Do you think you could manage to remember all the things you want to get at the grocery store?  You might be able to but it might take a few "memory tools" to help you remember the items on your list. Things like singing the items on the list, or putting them into a rhyme or remembering the first letters of each thing can help you memorize things pretty quickly. And sure, you may forget a few things but you let your brain do the work instead of an external source. You remembered a bunch of things to get at the store, what time your appointment was and so on. So you did good!  But you can also play a little game to see whose brain is the best. Get a bunch of your friends together and set up some brain training exercises that you'll each go through. You could have a set amount of time for each problem or puzzle that they have to solve and then, at the end, you see who did each thing the best and average everything up. Like you could have a crossword puzzle, a jig saw puzzle, some math problems, a brain teaser and so on. But they only have like one or two minutes to get as much done as they possibly can and then they have to move onto the next puzzle. It could be really challenging and you can even make the competition more fun by there being some sort of prize. Perhaps the winner gets to choose a book that each loser has to buy and read to help build up their mental capacity.  Have a great day and don't think too hard!

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