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November 8th is Try A New Recipe Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you're hungry because it's Try A New Recipe Day!  You know your taste buds will appreciate it!  So, let's get right into celebrating Try A New Recipe Day!


Because sometimes we get stuck in a routine of making the same things over and over again, and we need a little push to try something new! Eating the same things day in and day out can be very boring and you actually could be hurting your health. The more variety you have in your diet, the higher the chances are that you'll balance everything out and fill any nutritional gaps. So you could not only find a new meal that you love today, but you could also be helping your body run better!  Did you know that the first written recipes, that we know about, are from the Akkadian tablet, which dates back to 1600 BC? I wonder what they were cooking back then! Some recipes are written down so that they are never forgotten, and others are locked away in the back of someone's mind, because the ingredients are to be kept a secret. But now a days, recipes are all over the place!

I mean, we have TV shows that are all about cooking, and there are too many of these shows to name! And look at all the magazines we have; most of them will pop in a recipe here and there. It doesn't matter if it's a fitness magazine or a family magazine; recipes just seem to keep popping up. And why is that? Is it because we all need to eat to survive? Perhaps... but knowing how to cook delicious things is quite valuable, and when you find a good source for recipes you keep coming back to them for more! So maybe they're onto something. ;)  What's your favorite source for recipes?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, break out that cookbook that's been gathering dust on your shelf. Go on... you know you haven't cooked all the recipes in that book! Find one that has ingredients you find appealing and then get on into it. You can choose to go with the easiest recipe or challenge yourself to create a complex dish, just because it's a special holiday. You'll never know how awesome those untouched recipes in your dusty, old cookbook really are until you try them.  But, an even better option might be to check online for new recipes to try out. There are SO many creative cooking blogs out there and there are even cooking communities like AllRecipes.com. On the cooking blogs, you'll see really creative recipes with a lot of pictures and personal style added into each recipe. But in the cooking communities, you'll get to see ratings of each recipe, it will be easier to navigate the site, you can search by ingredients and the reviews can be really helpful.  So take a stab at cooking one of your favorite meals that you get when you go out to eat. Try cooking something that you never really had an interest in, but everyone else seems to love it. Or go with a recipe just because the picture of the finished product makes your mouth start watering. Yep, it's one of those choose your own adventure days and only you can decide where your taste buds are headed.  Have a great day and enjoy your meal!

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