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September 10th is T.V. Dinner Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then pull up an armchair because it's T.V. Dinner Day!  Piping hot and straight from the microwave!  Let's get right into celebrating T.V. Dinner Day!


Well, I'm not sure why they chose this day but T.V. dinners have been eaten for such a long time and they've evolved into including almost any meal you can think of. If you feel like being lazy and watching T.V. then this simple meal is often nuked and served up to all. All you need is some silverware and you're good to go! It may not be the most impressive invention but business is booming and it's time to celebrate these trays of goodness!  There were actually quite a few companies that attempted to make these frozen meals a success but it wasn't until 1953 that Swanson came out with the TV Brand Frozen Dinner which was a huge success. They came in metal trays that you could put in the oven and the first type of T.V. dinner they produced was modeled after a Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, it took about 25 minutes to cook and cost around 98 cents but this lazy craze caught on quickly!

Swanson ended up selling 10 MILLION of these T.V. dinners in the first year... that's crazy! And these dinners kept evolving into new things as the years went on. In 1960 they started adding in fruit. In 1969 they started making breakfast versions. In 1973 the infamous Hungry-Man dinners burst onto the scene. And in 1986 T.V. dinners were finally able to be microwaved.  Well, are you hungry yet?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you're already stocked up on T.V. dinners then just head to your freezer, poke or slice the plastic film and get that baby in the microwave! Turn on your favorite T.V. show as you wait for its simple excellence and get ready for a wonderful celebration.  But if you don't have any T.V. dinners then you better go get some! Head to the freezer aisle and check out the wide variety of different meals you can feast upon. I doubt you'll be limited on your dinner selection; the Walmart I went to had a whole aisle that was just T.V. dinners. ;) So go ahead and get your favorite meal in its T.V. dinner form or be brave and try something you've never had before.

And you know, there is always a healthier option. You could cook up one or two of your favorite meals and get some resealable, microwave-safe plastic containers that have little sections like a T.V. dinner would. Then just fill up your containers how you like them to be and pop these all in the freezer. Now you have some custom-fitted T.V. dinners that are probably 5 times as healthy as the commercial versions! Just don't forget to eat one of them today.  Have a great day you lazy son of a T.V.!

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