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April 3rd is Tweed Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get in touch with a durable fabric because it's Tweed Day!  That's right, the heck with Boss Tweed! ;)  Let's get right into celebrating Tweed Day!


Well, some people would say that today is a holiday to celebrate William M. Tweed's birthday, also known as Boss Tweed. But come on... really? He was a corrupt and scandalous thief AKA a politician who was tossed in prison a couple times and even skipped bail a couple times as he tried to escape. Does that sound like someone worth celebrating?  No; not to me anyway! So instead, I say this is a holiday to celebrate a durable, woven, water-resistant fabric called tweed. The fabric is usually in a herringbone or check pattern. This fabric originally came from Scotland where it was called tweel, which was their way of saying twill.

But supposedly around 1830 a London merchant got a letter from someone in Hawick about some tweels. The merchant mistook the handwriting and thought it was a name borrowed from the river Tweed that ran through the textile area of the Scottish Borders. And after the name stuck!  It's a tough fabric that, once it's broken in, is used for hunting activities in places like Ireland and the United Kingdom. But it's commonly used for blazers, hats and even to cover old school guitar amps! A common type of hat that is often made out of tweed is those deerstalker hats that Sherlock Holmes wore.  So are you ready to rock out in some tweed today?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, how about you start off by checking your closets to see if you have anything that's made out of tweed? You might have a few things hidden in there that are constructed out of this lovely fabric. And if you find something then wear it all day today and see how you like the feel of tweed fabric.

And if you don't have anything made out of tweed then head to the stores today. You could even bring your friends along and have a little fun. You can all go off on your own in a mall or a big department store and see who can find the coolest looking item made out of tweed. The winner can have all the losers chip in and buy the item for them!  Who says you can't make shopping fun, even for guys.  Or if you're feeling crafty then head to a fabric store and see if you can pick up some tweed fabric. Then spend some time coming up with something you can create out of the tweed. You can even head to their sewing section and see if they have any of those planning kits that show you have to plan out and sew together tons of different things. Once you have an idea that suits you best then start putting together your beautiful tweed creation so you can wear it with pride today!  Have a great tweed-filled day!

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