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May 11th is Twilight Zone Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then I hope you love strange mysteries because it's Twilight Zone Day!  No, not Twilight... not even close!  Let's get right into celebrating Twilight Zone Day!


You know, I'm not really sure why today was chosen to be Twilight Zone Day. It's not the day the show first started and it's isn't a special day in the creator's life... so there's no reason for this day to be chosen! But isn't that what The Twilight Zone is all about? It's a mystery as to why this day was chosen so I think it fits the mold quite well.  And this show has had many lifelong fans, so there's no mystery as to why people would want to celebrate it. The original TV series started in 1959 and ended in 1964, but it was revived again with a movie in 1983 and for three more seasons of the TV show in 1985.

The second series ended in 1989 but it was revived once again in 2002 with a new TV series AND a radio series. There have also been novels, comic books, magazines, pinball machines and even Disney theme park rides all dedicated to the Twilight Zone. So, there's no way to hide the popularity and success of this franchise.  Each episode was completely different from the others and it showed weird, paranormal and sometimes even disturbing stories that always had a nice twist to them. There were so many different types of stories told that it's hard to classify the show into one genre. Is it science fiction? Is it a horror show? Is it a psychological thriller? You tell me!  Are you ready to enter... The Twilight Zone?


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, I'd say that one of the best ways to celebrate would be to invite some friends over and get a bunch of the old TV episodes on DVD. Watch a bunch of them and see how creepy the TV show was and then think about how much it must have shocked people back in the 1960's to see it! These days we're use to absurd things, but even some of the old episodes will probably weird out some of the biggest freaks today. So get together and see which episode you thought was the best, that is if you can handle being stuck in The Twilight Zone that long.  You could also watch the movie or the newer versions of the TV show if you like. Then you can compare them to the old episodes and see if they were hurting the franchise or if it got better with time. I mean it's not on anymore, so were they "beating a dead horse"? I saw the movie and actually liked it... in fact, it's the first thing I think of when I think of The Twilight Zone, so perhaps they didn't. So check out the TV shows, movie, books, comic books and whatever else you can get your hands on today!  And you could always try to come up with your own twisted, Twilight Zone-like stories today. Write out a little script if you want, film it and then show it to your friends for a laugh or to creep them out! And hey, if it's good enough, why don't you pitch it to some TV or movie executives and revive the franchise once again? Who knows, it could happen!  Have a great day and don't get stuck in The Twilight Zone!

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