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May 30th is Water a Flower Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then quench the thirst of some flowers because it's Water a Flower Day!  I'm sure they'll appreciate the random bath!  Let's get right into celebrating Water a Flower Day!


Today is a holiday because sometimes we need a reminder to water our plants or maybe we just need to pick up where the April showers left off! We have all these "May flowers" so why don't we try our best to keep them alive, right? It's starting to get hotter and hotter, so I'm sure the flowers around you can use a drink. So today's the day to give them a splash or two to show them you care, and maybe keep the splashing going all summer!  But why should you care about flowers, right? Well, they look good don't they? They add nice splotches of color all over the landscape, so that's one reason to keep them around. Plus they smell pretty good too. So if you like occasional wafts of floral scents then you might want to water some flowers today. But good looks and scents aren't the only benefits of flowers.

Some of them are actually edible! You might want to toss some in a salad or soup or just keep them around for other animals to munch on. And hey, you do realize what flowers bring, right? If you treat your plants right and then they flower, eventually (depending on the plant) a fruit or vegetable is going to appear! So without flowers we wouldn't have a lot of our tasty treats either. And hey, bees and butterflies love flowers too. So if you're down with honey and fluttering butterflies then keep their places of interest alive with a splash of water today.  Do you have your watering pail ready?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you have a bunch of flowers around your house then break out the hose or watering pail and get to it! Enjoy the fresh air and nature sounds as you water them down. You might be surprised at all the different kinds of flowers you have in your yard. And hey, it doesn't hurt to talk to them while you water them; they will appreciate the carbon dioxide ;).  But if you don't have your own flowers then how about you have a little fun with today. Fill up a couple water jugs and bring your watering can with you and then hop in your car and start searching for some nice flowers. When you find some that really catch your eye then hop out and water them. It doesn't matter where they are or whose they are, just give them a watering. If anyone comes out and asks you what you're doing just tell them what day it is, that you really appreciate the flowers and wanted to make sure they stay alive. Even the meanest person couldn't turn you away with an explanation like that!  And if you really want to go all out you can take things indoors. If any of your friends have flowers in a vase or a pot then give them a shot of fresh water. I'm sure they'll wonder what you're up to but you can just give them the same explanation. If you really want to shock people, go to a store with a garden section or a greenhouse and ask one of the employees if you can water their flowers ;).  I hope you enjoy your day and make it a wet one!

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