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October 17th is Wear Something Gaudy Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then head over to your closet because it's Wear Something Gaudy Day!  Oh yes, it's your time to shine!  So let's get right into celebrating Wear Something Gaudy Day!


Why not? Normally, if you wear something too bright and flashy, you get weird looks from people, insults thrown at you or people laugh about your clothing behind your back. But who cares? Why let someone else control what you wear, especially if you like your gaudy clothes? So today is a day to stand out, do your own thing and if it's gaudy then so be it! If you think you look good in it then that's all that matters today.  But what's it take to be considered gaudy? Well, someone just has to think that what you're wearing isn't very fashionable; that's it's over the top and a bit too flashy. Something bright and really showy, like if you walked around wearing a giant disco ball. It has to be something that will turn heads and then cause people to make a face of shock and disgust as their eyes follow your every move. And if you need a little help, then take a look at some of the stuff Lady Gaga (AKA Lady Gaudy) wears from time to time.

The "fashion police" are going to have their hands full today! And good for them because when people pay that much attention to what you wear then they're just wasting their precious time. Why judge people on what they chose to slide over top of their body today? Would you rather people be walking around naked? You'd have a lot more to say then, huh?  So, let's get gaudy!


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, do you have something that people always trash talk when you wear it? Then break that baby out today and wear it with pride! Put a little pep in your step and say "thank you" to any and everything people say about what you're wearing. I don't care if they say that it looks like your mother dressed you or that you look like you escaped from the circus... give them a "thank you" and move along.  You could also get together with some friends and head to the thrift store today. See who can find the craziest accessory or article of clothing. When you've all found your gaudy gear, then go ahead and buy it, slip it on and then march down the street as the newly formed gaudy gang. You may cause some car accidents, but then again you might just start a new trend. ;)

But if you're crafty, you might just want to make your own gaudy gear at home. Take some shirts, hats or pants and think of how you make it really flashy. Maybe you could dye it a neon color and glue glitter all over it. You might even want to break out the rhinestones and a couple jingle bells. There's more than one way to be loud! ;) Heck, bring back puffy paint if you feel so inclined!  Have a great day and enjoy the faces people make at you!

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