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July 5th is Work-a-Holics Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe you should take a day off because it's Work-a-Holics Day! Yep, I think they deserve a little appreciation today! Let's get right into celebrating Work-a-Holics Day!


Today is a holiday because in reality, without work-a-holics a lot of things would never get done. They're the people that stay up all night trying to get through a project they planned out. They're the ones putting in the hours day and night to put food on their tables as well as help their business grow. They work overtime, not for the extra pay, but because they want to reach their goals. They work hard and they deserve some recognition!  Sure, some might see it as an addiction and a lot of times it is. People with anxiety, low self esteem and addictive personalities might have work habits that can actually be bad for their health. Lack of sleep, too much stress and many other things can run a work-a-holic down. It can definitely be an addiction to where you don't know how to not work and you refuse to take a day off.

But it can also just be that you're really determined to finish a project or make a business excel. You won't let anything hold you back and are OK with working a few late nights. You realize these work-a-holic habits are temporary and look forward to when you can relax again. But for now you keep plugging away at things and keep seeing progress. So I guess there are at least a couple types of work-a-holics.  Which type are you, if at all?


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you're a work-a-holic then I recommend you take the day off. I know, I know you have SO much to do but really your mind and body needs it. And if you're really reluctant then here's what you do... you just set aside today to plan. Don't do any real work just plan out what you want to get done in the future or the next day. What can you drop that you don't need to do? What can you do better so that you're more efficient? That way you're still getting things done, you have your goals mapped out so you can easily reach them and you can get back to work tomorrow. So kick back on a hammock, a beach chair or anywhere else that's relaxing and break out your notepad and start planning.

But if you know a work-a-holic then why don't you tell them that you appreciate all the work they do? Buy them lunch, get them a day at the spa... just do something so they know their work is appreciated. This can actually snap people out of their addiction to work for a moment and cause them to relax a little. So many people work and don't really get any praise for the work they do, so it helps.  And if you want to have a little fun with today then why don't you and a couple friends see if you could handle being a work-a-holic? Pick out a bunch of tasks that you're all going to do during this day. Make sure it's so many that you're not even sure if it's possible to do all the things. Then just go off on your own and try your best to out work your friends. It might be a long day but the winner may just deserve a free massage ;).  Have a great day and stop working so much!

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