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November 21st is World Hello Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then get ready to greet some people because it's World Hello Day!  Oh yeah... it's as simple as that!  But, let's get right into celebrating World Hello Day!


This day was set up, by Brian and Michael McCormack, in 1973 when Israel, Egypt and Syria weren't getting along too well (see the Yom Kippur War). This simple greeting, a hello, is an act of peace and the beginning of communication. And the McCormack boys hoped that the leaders of our countries would see that their people are talking to each other instead of fighting, and that the leaders would start doing the same. Communication without eradication.  And this idea must have struck a chord with many, because people in 180 countries now celebrate this holiday. And it's even caught the attention of many leaders and famous people. Barbara Bush thought it was a great idea in 1989 and said it "will be a happier day for all". Bill Clinton was proud of their efforts, in 1995. Gerald Ford said it was an inspiration to him and his wife, in 1978. Even Jacques Cousteau thought that this day should be celebrated every day, in 1993. And Mother Teresa, the Pope, Queen Elizabeth II and The Dalai Lama all were happy that this celebration was going on.  But what is World Hello Day? What do you do on such a day? Well, all there is to it is that you say hello to ten people today. Yeah... that's it! It can be a simple hello or it can be the beginning of a long conversation, but it allows you to connect to 10 people and it might start a chain of events. A lot of people walk by each other without saying a word, but when you say hello to someone their face often seems to light up a bit. And who knows, maybe they will feel like saying hello to the next person they pass too.  So go spread some greetings! 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, you already know that all you have to do is say hello to ten people, right? So, why don't you just go about your day and, any time that you notice a chance to say hello to someone, make sure you open your mouth. OK, and make sure the word "hello" comes out of your open mouth too! You can keep count, but I'm sure that you'll have more than 10 chances to say hello to people today.  Think about all those times you pass people when you're taking a walk. Or how about whenever you're in a store; how many people do you walk by then? And I dare you... no I DOUBLE DOG dare you to ask them how they are doing, after you say hello. Showing that you actually care about how others are feeling will be the icing on your hello cake. You might even meet some really interesting people today.  And if you're looking to have a little fun with today, then get together with a group of friends and come up with some sort of scoring system. Like if you say hello to someone and they don't wave, smile or say hello back then that's just 1 point. But if they do wave, smile or say hello back, then that's 2 points. If they say hello AND wave then that's 3 points. And if you end up having any length of a conversation with that person, after your hello, then that's 5 points! Go on... go rack up those points and then you can decide what the winner gets.  Have a great day... oh, and HELLO!

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