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December 31st is World Peace Meditation Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then relax because it's World Peace Meditation Day!  Let the stress of this year melt away!  And let's get right into celebrating World Peace Meditation Day!


Sure, it's the end of the year, the end of the month and the eve of the New Year, but that doesn't mean you have to stress over your New Year's resolution, bills you have to pay or who you're going to kiss when the ball drops! I know a lot of you will be making a lot of noise, when you party tonight, but you can bring a different kind of peace to the world, as you connect to others through meditation.  You can still party all through the night, but take a little time today to unwind through some helpful meditation. When we're stressed out, we're a lot more irritable and we might make a few bad decisions or say things we don't mean, and that can start a chain of events that look nothing like a peaceful world. But if we were all to de-stress, and meditate, at the same time we would not only be connected in harmony but we would also be on the same wavelength; a peaceful one.

Now, this holiday, also referred to as World Healing Day, has been going on since 1986, a year they called The International Year of Peace. And it takes place at the same time on the same day, every single year. Why? So that we are all meditating at the exact same time. And the time you want to start meditating is at noon (Greenwich Mean Time) today; December 31st. Greenwich Mean Time is what's referred to as "World Time" and you've probably seen it before when you've set your time zone. For instance, where I live it's GMT -5.  So set your alarms to remind yourself when to begin! 


So, how can you celebrate today?  Well, I would suggest that you start out by setting up an area in your house where you can meditate. Somewhere where you won't be disturbed and that is very comfortable. Find yourself a comfortable chair of some sort that you will be sitting in or a comfortable spot on the ground to sit. Light candles or incense, lay out some blankets and turn the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Now, you should probably look into how you're going to meditate. If you already meditate regularly then you can skip this step, but if not then you'll want to look up some meditation tips. You can find calming audio that helps bring you into a meditative state, you can sit in peace and control your thoughts through mental focus or make your own noises to help you focus and forget about the thoughts racing through your mind.  And the last step is just to figure out what time noon GMT is in your time zone. That way you can set an alarm and flow right into meditation at the exact time that many others are doing the same. You might feel a connection as you let go of your troubled thoughts and relax in this last day of the year. And by the end of your meditation your mind will be clear and you will be ready to ring in the New Year, however you like.  Have a great day and enjoy the peace!

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