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March 11th is Worship of Tools Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then break out your toolbox because it's Worship of Tools Day!  Organize and clean up your tools today!  Let's get right into celebrating Worship of Tools Day!


My guess would be that since tools are so useful people start collecting them for different jobs around their house. Then they start holding them as their prized possessions, which is odd to some but it's not odd when you need the right tool! So today is a day set aside for "worshipping" and appreciating the tools you have.  A tool is ANYTHING that is used to help you perform a specific task or tasks, without it being destroyed in the process. Early tools were made out of sticks, rocks and bones but they served their purpose.

And they've even found stone tools like a hand axe from the Stone Age! Think that's cool? Well, animals use tools too! Monkeys, birds, elephants and other animals use tools to make their lives a little easier.  I mean could you imagine not having the tools you need to do some of the simplest of tasks? Want to cut something? Well, use your teeth! Want to start a fire? Rub two sticks together! Want to measure something? You're going to have to guess! Want to write something down? Well, dip your finger in some mud and get to writing! Want to read this web page? You can't; a computer is an information tool!  So be happy that you have the tools to float through your life smoothly.


So how can you celebrate today?  Well, if you already have a bunch of tools then how about you round them all up and get them in one place.  Clean any of them off if you need to and organize them how you want them.  Make a "shrine" of sorts if you like.  Having your tools in one place in an organized fashion will help you quickly locate them when you need them.  Because we all know how frustrating it is when you know you have a tool but you can't find it and all you're trying to do is accomplish a simple task!

Or if you have a home improvement project you've been wanting to complete for a while then today is the day to go shopping for the tools you need.  Make a list of what you'll need and then head to a local hardware store and buy it all at once.  That way, when you have time, you can get right into project and finish it.  There's no reason to keep putting it off!  Even if you don't have a project you want to do, you can still pick up a tool or two that you've been wanting for a while.  What better way to worship than to add a new, special tool to your collection?  Just be sure to buy something you'll actually use; let's not get too crazy here ;).  I hope you enjoy your day and put your tools back when you're done with them!

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