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January 1st is Z Day

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If you're looking for something to do today then maybe you should show your appreciate to Z-named people, because today is Z Day!  You may not have known it was a holiday but it is and we should all celebrate it together.  Let's get right into celebrating Z Day!


Not all holidays are as widespread as others but even the oddest of holidays have a reason for the celebration. I've read about other "Z Days" that are unrelated to this specific holiday so I thought it would be better if I explained things first.  Ah yes the Z, or Zed as some call it, the twenty sixth letter of our modern Latin alphabet. The caboose to our letter train. What would we do without you?  Well football players would have to ig and ag to avoid being tackled. When we're hungry we might opt for a slice of pia. And when we wanted to take a nap, we'd catch some ______. Sounds pretty odd doesn't it?
Yes, we need this special letter and I'm not really sure about the origins of this holiday but most people with names that start with a Z end up being last, each and every day of the year, in alphabetical terms anyway.  So it only seems right to show your appreciation to those rare folks, and other random objects, with Z-names.  Don't worry, you A-named people, you will get your first class selection privileges back tomorrow and for the rest of the year. Be nice and let others have a turn for once ;).  Yes it's time to celebrate all things Z related!


So how are you going to celebrate this holiday?  Well, if you have any opportunities to put things in alphabetical order then go ahead and pop the Z's up front. This would be a simple task if you were something like a school teacher.  Be a rebel and go for reverse alphabetical order if you want! Kids love opposite days like this.  But maybe you don't really have a chance to put things in alphabetical order so you could draw some pictures of random Z-named things. Get really abstract and creative with your Z art and put it somewhere for the world to see.  Or maybe you work with someone with a Z name and could treat them extra special today. Take your Z buddy out to lunch or help them out with their work today.
Maybe you could even buy something that starts with a Z like a Zenith watch or a Zune. There are plenty of different products out there that start with a Z!  You could even go to a zoo if it's open and check out the zebras. Now if only they'd let you ride one...  Or you could catch your favorite zombie flick and try not to get the hunger for brains yourself.  Heck, dress up as a zombie and give hugs to people with Z names!  Or if you're really crazy you could tattoo a Z on your body and celebrate for the rest of your life! That would be the ultimate way to show your appreciation for this wonderful letter.  It's all up to you really; be creative! Show your appreciation to people and things that may not feel as loved because they're sporting an uncommon letter in their name.

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